Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Michael Jordan's Different Charities

As everyone knows, Michael Jordan has supported many charities throughout his years as a professional athlete. The main organizations that he has funded and supported are the Habitat for Humanity Organization, the Special Olympics, the Boys and Girls clubs of America, the American Motorcyclists Association, and he has funded many charity golf tournaments, basketball games and dunk contests for these particular foundations.
For the Habitat for Humanity foundation, Michael Jordan has donated at least 500 thousand dollars to their cause. He did this to help in Louisiana following the hurricane. These 500 thousand dollars were used to help rebuild New Orleans following the Katrina hurricane. He raised this much money from just auctioning off 21 pairs of his line of Jordan sneakers. The sneakers were all signed by him. Along with Michael Jordan, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony were also there to make the donation due to their involvement with the Jordan shoe company. Along with this, Michael Jordan made a press release saying, "We want to do our part as well. We want to impact some people that might be going through a tough time. I'm a firm believer in turning a negative into a positive and I feel like this is a way we can do that for victims of Hurricane Katrina."
Michael Jordan has also been a big supporter of the Boys and Girls clubs of America, and has been an exceptional donator to their cause. He also supported the Boys and Girls club in New Orleans when they were destroyed by hurricane Katrina. In their efforts, he donated around 450 thousand dollars. This is important because he supported New Orleans by donating around a million dollars in combination with this donation to the Boys and Girls Club, and for the Habitat for Humanity foundation in attempts to rebuild Louisiana. He has been a supporter of this program, and what they stand for. He has been involved for many years, and is always seen at major charity events donating money to their cause. It is important to notice that he is a member of the foundation himself, and has been a supporter for these children since before he has retired. He is and exceptional person in his involvement with this program for underprivileged youth, along with the many other celebrities that are helping to further support the youth of our nation.
Along with these two organizations that Michael Jordan in involved with, he is also a supporter of the Special Olympics. He has supported the members, and the staff that allow the Special Olympics to take place. Michael Jordan is an exceptional person in the sense that he helps children who have disabilities to play sports, and has funded these organizations for many years. Michael Jordan said "With our efforts, we hope to boost self-esteem and create newfound confidence that puts them back into the starting lineup - where dreams become reality." This was a statement by him in an effort to further support the children participating in the Special Olympics. He is an important icon in the world today, and he uses this to support many different organizations. Michael Jordan supports the Special Olympics along with many other supporters and celebrity icons. He has continuously been seen at many different fundraising events for the Special Olympics.
Michael Jordan is also a member of the American Motorcyclists Association, and has ridden with them multiple times before. He is an avid motorcyclist, and continues to donate money to their cause and to race alongside the members in the annual races that they hold across the nation. Since 2004 Michael Jordan has owned the professional closed-course racing team that continues to compete in the American Motorcyclist Association’s superbike class competition every year. He supports the people involved with this association, and loves to be involved with the competition himself. Michael Jordan commented on his participation both in the superbike races, and with his own experiences through professional sports. He says, “Winning means a lot. You put forth a lot of hard work and dedication. You start the season off with a lot of goals. You go through disappointments in the course of the season, and at the end of the year when you finally step up to that podium and win the championship, nothing’s more gratifying.” Michael Jordan has been a supporter of this foundation since his brother, James, has retired from the 18th Airborne Corps. This has been an important thing for both of them to be involved with. Michael Jordan and his team are currently working on a plan to fund a second team in the American Motorcyclist Association superbike competition this year, and are close to sealing the deal.
Michael Jordan has funded for his own golf tournament, and he has used all of the money raised from the event to help in the Tsunami efforts. "In view of the tsunami disaster, I felt compelled to dedicate a portion of this year's MJCI proceeds to the American Red Cross' admirable relief efforts," said Michael Jordan. "Many of the participating celebrities were gracious enough to step up and donate their winnings to the Red Cross as well." He has created this golf tournament to help pay for many other foundations along with this tsunami relief.
Along with making his own golf tournament, he also plays in other ones as well in support of many other charities and foundations. He has played in many different tournaments that support many different things, and this shows how devoted he is to helping people become better people, and helping people become more accomplished with their current way of living. This is important because it shows how much character Michael Jordan truly has.

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